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In today's competitive marketplace, a power failure can mean million-dollar losses for your company. Keeping your power systems operating at peak efficiency is a matter of economic survival. It's a job the experts at CPS Construction Company are uniquely qualified to perform.

CPS is a company owned and managed by construction and power industry professionals. Since 1983, our highly trained team has been providing regional utilities, independent power producers, and Fortune 500 corporations with a full range of custom tailored services from consulting assistance to complete staffing for major repair or construction products. Our continuing dynamic growth is built on a strong, on-site management presence, which ensures direct access to qualified decision-makers every step of the way.

At CPS, we are proud to offer the power industry proven strength in
project management, maintenance & construction and safety. Our reputation for excellence is based on our uncompromising commitment to each client and our total involvement in each project we undertake.

Whether you're building a new power plant or replacing existing equipment, CPS is ready to take on your toughest challenges. We'll analyze your situation and develop a comprehensive cost-effective solution that will meet your current energy needs - and anticipate future demands. If your boiler or HRSG needs repairs, you can count on CPS for
highly responsive emergency service that will get you back on line - fast.


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